MAP Promises to Pay for Damaged Cars

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MAP Promises to Pay for Damaged Cars

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Marathon Ashland Petroleum (MAP) has issued a statement saying that some of the gasoline it delivered to the Louisville area after May 3 contained sulfur, resulting in hundreds of motorists running out of fuel even though their gas gauges indicated they had plenty left in the tank. MAP will reimburse those who were inconvenienced by the gas gauge problem, reported Louisville, Ky.-based WLKY NewsChannel 32 reported.

"Elemental sulfur was contained in some gasoline that was sold from this terminal," Marathon Ashland Petroleum spokesman Chuck Rice said.

"(Marathon) had no legal obligation to expend their own resources, conduct their own investigation, to assist us in finding a resolution, but they did so anyway," said Kentucky Attorney General Greg Stumbo.

It is not clear how much faulty gasoline was sold, but so far nearly 600 complaints have been filed. MAP is now treating its gasoline delivered to the Louisville area with corrosion inhibitors.