MAPCO Deploys Cybera ONE Security Services

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- MAPCO Express Inc. chose Cybera's Cybera ONE security solution, which includes wireless IDS (intrusion detection service) for rogue access point detection at its 405 locations, the vendor reported.

"Cybera's solution was among several we evaluated for our store connectivity and security needs," Robin Perry, manager of technical infrastructure and security for MAPCO Express said in a released statement. "We selected Cybera ONE because we needed an integrated solution that not only provided security and connectivity, but also solved the challenges of PCI compliance. A big benefit for us was also getting the wireless IDS capabilities in the same solution."

Cybera ONE simplifies security and PCI compliance challenges by bundling all the components needed for comprehensive store security into a single, managed solution that includes wireless security services, the vendor reported. By providing all necessary hardware and software as a service, Cybera ONE eliminates the costs of integration and management.

"Cybera is one of the few providers able to deliver affordable wireless security in an integrated solution," Perry said. "The Cybera ONE wireless security solution included the key features we required, such as pre-defined PCI-DSS wireless reports, wireless scans and full visibility over the wireless airspace."

Cybera's managed wireless security solution integrates rogue wireless detection services and reporting, enabling merchants like MAPCO to protect their cardholder data from hacker attempts and vulnerabilities from unauthorized devices, the vendor reported. Specifically designed to help merchants meet the requirements for PCI-DSS compliance, Cybera's wireless services provide the same standard of security for wireless networks that wired networks receive, according to the company.

"MAPCO, like hundreds of other mid-to-large sized merchants, trusts Cybera's security expertise to help them with security and PCI compliance," David LaFontaine, vice president, customer resource group at Cybera said in a released statement. "Cybera ONE provides MAPCO with the most cost-effective, comprehensive solution to meeting the PCI-DSS security requirements relating to payment and network security."


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