Martin & Bayley, Moore Oil Partner with Gold Key Loyalty

SHREVEPORT, La. -- Martin & Bayley Inc., the Carmi, Ill.-based operator of Huck's Convenience Stores, and Moore Oil Co., the Monroe, La.-based operator of Stop 'N Save Convenience Stores, have signed up for Gold Key's “Absolutely Free” Loyalty Program.

Gold Key's Free Loyalty Program incorporates distribution channels that also provide the convenience store owners thousands of dollars of immediate and free advertising, as well as dramatically increased in-store foot traffic.

Gold Key Loyalty, coupled with Gold Key Promotions, is the provider of the “Gas Saver's Card,” a promotional premium that services many industries, including the retail automotive industry. The cards are distributed through car dealerships, which are beginning to heavily advertise this incentive as traffic builders, due to the increase in gas prices. Convenience stores benefit from the increased in-store traffic and the cash-only payment methods associated with the card.

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