Maverik Brings Its Adventurous Spirit to Digital Signage

SALT LAKE CITY — Maverik Inc. has teamed up with RevelTV and Samsung to roll out a digital signage program that conveys the convenience store chain's adventurous spirit, as epitomized by its tagline "Adventure's First Stop."

"Most convenience stores look alike and have little brand identity or personality," stated Ernie Harker, executive director of marketing for Maverik. "Since we are in the Rockies, it was natural for us to connect our brand to adventure."

As traditional backlit posters and static print advertising in stores and at the gas pump failed to connect with customers as strongly as they used to, Maverik opted to showcase high-energy videos and digital content to entertain customers and promote products and loyalty programs.

The goal was to attract attention at the pump, bring customers inside the store and keep their attention and interest through their in-store journey. Additionally, Maverik wanted displays that could seamlessly integrate with soda fountains, hot food counters and checkout areas. As Maverik stores have large exterior windows, the displays required very bright screens that could be seen in high ambient light.

Maverik worked with digital signage integrator RevelTV to develop a program using Samsung displays built with commercial-grade components designed specifically for a 24/7 operation. Six displays were strategically placed at key customer touchpoints.

Since installing the digital signage program, Maverik has seen positive results.

"When we started baking Cinnabon rolls in our stores, we rolled out a video showing the rolls coming fresh out of the oven and steaming," Harker said. "That imagery, combined with the smell of the cinnamon rolls in the oven, set new sales records."

The success of the initial rollout prompted Maverik to begin to retrofit more than 50 stores with the displays. All future stores will include them as the brand standard.

"We base our success not just on revenue gains, but on the fact that it is helping our customers know more about what we offer," Harker said. "And we're doing that in a way that strengthens and sharpens the Maverik brand. The Samsung displays help convey our brand image and personality to our customers."

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