Maverik Integrates Task & Workforce Management Across All Stores

The Reflexis ONE platform will simplify scheduling and task execution for 6,000 employees.

SALT LAKE CITY — Maverik tapped Reflexis Systems' Reflexis ONE to integrate and streamline store execution and labor scheduling for more than 6,000 team members across 360-plus locations.

The Salt Lake City-based chose Reflexis ONE to replace two disparate task and workforce management solutions. Maverik will utilize Reflexis ONE solutions including Reflexis Real-Time Task Manager, Reflexis Workforce Scheduler and Reflexis Time and Attendance to simplify tasks, labor operations and compliance, while empowering associates to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

"We chose Reflexis Systems because of its integration capabilities that offered Maverik the opportunity to combine workforce scheduling, time and attendance, and task management into the same platform," said Maverik Vice President of Retail Operations Danielle Mattiussi. "Migrating to Reflexis ONE, a fully integrated task and workforce management solution, will enable us to achieve next-level performance benefits by simplifying scheduling and task execution for our employees."

Reflexis ONE helps employees save time by anticipating store demand to ensure that each location has the right people scheduled at the right times, based on factors such as skillsets, customer traffic, and on-site workload. The platform brings together information from across the enterprise to solve the end-to-end work challenge, creating more efficient operations and enabling workers to spend more time serving the customer, according to Reflexis.

"Reflexis ONE has a long track record of helping convenience stores streamline operations and achieve more accurate labor forecasts," said Suresh Menon, senior vice president and general manager for Software Solutions, Zebra Technologies. "The platform's integration of labor and task management capabilities allow Maverik to coordinate across stores, enhance execution and schedule labor to ensure every employee is visible, connected and fully optimized."

Reflexis Systems, which was recently acquired by Zebra Technologies, enables teams to simplify communications, enhance task execution, and align labor with demand via AI-powered forecasting.

Maverik is Adventure's First Stop. It operates across 11 western states, including Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

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