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Maverik Surveillance Video May be Last Images of Lori Hacking Alive

SALT LAKE CITY -- A convenience store surveillance tape could be key evidence in the Lori Hacking murder case, as a video from a Maverik Country Store showing Mak and Lori Hacking the night before she disappeared may be the last images of her alive, reported Salt Lake City-based

The couple walked into the Maverik store just after 9 p.m. on July 18. Mark made a purchase at the counter and Lori took a free sample from a display. The couple left the store together.

In another surveillance video from the same Maverik store, Mark Hacking returned around 1am on July 19. Mark left in his wife's car, and reported his wife missing later that morning.

Police believe that Hacking killed his wife while she slept in her apartment and put the body in a trash bin. Investigators will continue to search a nearby landfill for Lori Hacking's body.
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