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Maverik Tackles Task Management for Better Employee Engagement

SALT LAKE CITY — Maverik Inc. is working toward improved consistency in task execution through the use of ThinkTime's task management and communication solution. Implementation of the solution replaced reliance on the Base Camp Compass, a daily email sent to store directors with details of key tasks.

The one-way communication from Maverik's Base Camp meant that individual stores would not provide confirmation and district managers would have to manually follow up. Following the selection of ThinkTime, which launched a pilot within 30 days and deployed company-wide within 60 days, that has changed, according to the company.

"We can see how quickly stores are completing tasks and identify stores that might be a little behind," stated Carolyn Gubler, retail operations technology program manager for Maverik. "I use ThinkTime to communicate with our district managers. I can create a quick task to have them follow up with specific stores."

Maverik employees have reportedly expressed appreciation for the solution and engaged with it at every level.

"Our district managers love that ThinkTime is available anywhere. They can check it any time from any device, which is great for those far-flung locations," Gubler said.

As Maverik grows, the company plans to deploy ThinkTime's Store Visit module for virtual walkthroughs. It will also use ThinkTime to support the deployment of Workforce Software's scheduling solution.

"ThinkTime looks forward to supporting Maverik in a progressive partnership to reimagine their retail possibilities and redefine the convenience store space," ThinkTime President Steve Levy commented.

Salt Lake City-based Maverik operates more than 270 convenience stores in 10 states.

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