McDonald's Growing McFast

Fast-food giant McDonald's Corp. expects to continue to open non-McDonald's brands such as its test diner in the near-term and sees the loss at those concepts decreasing in 2002.In addition to its more than 29,000 worldwide hamburger restaurants, McDonald's operates the Aroma Cafe, Boston Market, Chipotle and Donatos chains.A test of a diner concept in Kokomo, Ind. has seen steady sales growth, and the company has plans to open or convert 12 new diners elsewhere in Indiana beginning next year, Reuters reported.McDonald's said it sees its non-hamburger brands posting a net loss in 2001, similar to last year's loss of about $41 million. Next year, the loss will decrease, the company said.In addition, McDonald's said that later this year its once-troubled Boston Market will open its first new stores in four years and is set to begin expansion beyond the United States into Australia and Canada.
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