McDonald’s Testing Customized Coffee Kiosk

OAK BROOK, Ill. — The new McDonald's coffee kiosk, being piloted now, brings a whole new meaning to the word "customization."

According to McDonald's spokeswoman Lisa McComb, the fast-food giant is testing coffee kiosks at two locations in Chicago, reported Business Insider. The kiosks allow customers to brew and customize their own lattes, mochas and cappuccinos.

Featuring a beverage dispenser, cups and a touchscreen tablet, customers can customize their beverage from a selection of flavored syrups and milks, as well as control the milk-to-espresso ratio in their brew of choice.

Customers can also pay for their customized brews from the touchscreen tablet. Each drink at the kiosk costs $2.99.

Located apart from the ordering counter, the kiosk allows customers who only want a coffee beverage to skip the food line, and it frees up employees from having to make complicated coffee orders in the back, the news outlet reported.

The coffee kiosk concept and setup is similar to McDonald’s "Create Your Taste" customized ordering kiosks available at some restaurant locations. 

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