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Michigan Group Protesting Gas Laws

DAVISON, Mich. -- The Michigan Petroleum Association/Michigan Association of Convenience Stores (MPA/MACS), which represents 1,500 independently owned gas stations statewide, is showing its frustration with high gas prices by spreading its message in a series of news conferences being conducted across the state this week, reported the Flint Journal.

"The retail price is a result of the price our members pays to the refiners," organization president Mark Griffin said. "My members and I want Michigan consumers to know we're as frustrated by high gas prices as they are."

MPA/MACS is spreading that message in a series of news conferences being conducted at gas stations across the state this week. Joined by owner members, Griffin will explain factors affecting gas prices, showing how one thing affects another, said spokesperson Brian Barthelmes.

The organization is pushing for legislation to control gas prices and fair competition. By supporting the Michigan Petroleum Marketing Stabilization Act, currently in legislative committee, MPA/MACS hopes to set limits on the amount fuel retailers can charge above wholesale costs. It also seeks to curtail "predatory pricing" among major retailers who sell gas below wholesale costs to wipe out competition.

Passage of the act would set up price range limits that all fuel retailers would have to comply with, according to the news release.

Similar news conferences are scheduled for Grand Rapids, Cadillac, Lansing and Detroit, Barthelmes said.
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