Minn. C-stores Suspend Fuel Sales Over Bad Gasoline

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Minn. C-stores Suspend Fuel Sales Over Bad Gasoline


MANKATO, Minn. -- Kwik Trip gas stations in Mankato, New Ulm, St. Peter and Owatonna, Minn., suspended fuel sales after officials from the Magellan fuel distribution facility on Highway 68 determined it was shipping gas with higher ethanol levels than intended, according to a Mankato Free Press report. Several other convenience stores also received the gasoline.

A spokesman for Magellan could not provide a list of affected gas stations, but said the amount of ethanol in the fuel was "greater than 11 percent," according to the report. Normally, Minnesota gasoline contains 10 percent ethanol.

Officials believe the fuel was first delivered on Friday, and the mistake was discovered Monday, according to the Free Press. Kwik Trip stations suspended sales of all fuel except the unaffected diesel and E-85, but expected to have at least one grade of gasoline available for sale at each location by noon today.