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Minnoco Brand to Expand in Twin Cities

LITTLE CANADA, Minn. — Minnoco is rolling out an expansion program that will bring more of its locally owned fuel retail outlets to the Twin Cities area. Eighteen locations are scheduled to convert to the brand, following the introduction of four Minnoco sites during fall 2013.

Minnoco is a gasoline brand developed by the Minnesota Service Station & Convenience Store Association (MSSA) for its members. It allows MSSA members to own and control their own brand of fuel while offering alternative renewable fuels such as E15, E30 and E85, along with diesel, 87, 89 and 91 octane fuels, according to the announcement.

"Our owners believe we have a competitive advantage by offering more fuel choices like E15 to consumers," stated Lance Klatt, executive director of Minnoco.  "Our new brand not only draws in consumers for more affordable fuels, but is also a great business model for retailers."

This expansion will make Minnoco one of the largest fuel retailers in the Twin Cities, plus Minnoco retailers will have more freedom to offer biofuels that are grown and produced in Minnesota, the association said.

"With Minnoco, I'm able to offer E15 as a more competitive fuel to my customers at a much lower price vs. regular," said Rick Bohnen, president of Minnoco and owner of Penn Minnoco. "This is a better business model for me because it significantly reduces my operational costs vs. branded fuels, and I'm able to pass the savings on to consumers."

Product offering will vary slightly by location, but Minnoco offers E15, E30, E85 and diesel along with regular grades of gasoline.

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