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Mississippi Gas Stations Get Relief

BILOXI, Miss. -- For the first time since last Tuesday, Mississippi workers in Jackson, Harrison and Mobile counties were allowed to fill their trucks and transport gas to filling stations, reported

About 500,000 gallons were sent out to more than 60 businesses in the area. Company officials say they realize the lack of gas has caused headaches for drivers.

"We're sorry for the inconvenience. There have been some stations that have been out of gasoline but we were very determined to restart this safely and to do it with the greatest of care so that we didn't get anybody hurt and have any incidents of any kind," said Chevron spokesman Steve Renfroe.

Gas was running low as a result of evacuees filling up before leaving the area. Workers also resumed deliveries of jet fuel on Sunday afternoon.

Chevron also provides gasoline and diesel for several other companies, including Exxon and British Petroleum. Chevron's refinery has not yet reopened. Company officials say they're not sure when operations will resume there.
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