Missouri Chamber of Commerce Recognizes Motomart

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Missouri Chamber of Commerce Recognizes Motomart


ST. CHARLES, Mo. -- The two men behind the Motomart chain of convenience stores won the St. Charles Employer of the Year Award for energy efficiency. Rob Forsyth, president of FKG Oil, which operates the Motomart chain, and Daniel Duncan, Motomart's vice president of facilities, were honored by the St. Charles, Mo., chamber of commerce.

The two were recognized for Motomart's New Town location, which includes many "green" features including insulated translucent skylight panels that let in natural light. The store, which opened earlier this year, also sports energy-efficient air hand dryers and HVAC units featuring non-ozone-depleting refrigerant.

Light-emitting diode (LED) technology is another prominent fixture at the store. LEDs, which save on electric costs and are cooler-burning lights than their predecessors, are used outside the store along the doors. "When LEDs first came out, they were very expensive. With the fact that more people are using them, the price has come down considerably," Duncan told the St. Charles Patch. "When we started, we were paying more than $400 per fixture. Now, it's down to $210 and the technology has gotten better with that."