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Mobile: The Key to Delivering Your Brand Promise

Mobile integration. It is something convenience store operators must focus on as they strive to build a seamless omnichannel shopping experience — one that will engage customers, build brand loyalty and communicate the specific brand message the retailer wants to convey, according to Meghan Wang, strategist for strategy and analytics at Newton, Mass.-based Paytronix, a provider of SaaS customer experience management solutions for c-stores and restaurants.

For Eric Rush, director of marketing for Tri Star Energy, the Nashville, Tenn.-based parent company of Twice Daily convenience stores, an integrated mobile app is more than just an option, it is a necessity — and one that Twice Daily has embraced.

In order to even be considered as a destination during key times of the day, todays c-stores need to include some form of alternative ordering, if not all of them,” Rush stressed. For our loyal guests, our app has essentially taken on the role of the storefront or forecourt. It is the first thing they see when they are considering us as their breakfast, lunch or snack destination.”