More Consumers Carrying Breakfast From Home

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More Consumers Carrying Breakfast From Home


CHICAGO -- A correlation exists between the health of the economy and the prevalence of carried-from-home breakfast occasions, so finds new food and beverage market research from The NPD Group.

Carried-from-home breakfasts were on the rise until 2008. When the recession hit and unemployment rose, the trend began to decline. As the economy continues to recover, however, carried-from-home breakfast occasions are now seeing a slight uptick, and NPD predicts continued growth in 2014.

“With over 3 billion occasions in the U.S. annually, carrying breakfast from home is a sizeable behavior representing a significant opportunity for manufacturers and retailers,” said Darren Seifer, food and beverage industry analyst for the Chicago-based market research company.

Carried-from-home breakfasts comprise different items compared to in-home breakfasts. Carried-from-home breakfasts include grab-and-go items such as fruit, coffee, snack bars and yogurt, whereas the top items consumed in-home include cold cereal, fruit juice, toast and hot cereal.

NPD's research also shows that carrying breakfast from home is predominantly an adult behavior, especially among those who are employed full-time. The peak start time for consuming a carried-from-home breakfast is 8 a.m., and these occasions are nearly three times more likely on a weekday when adults are commuting to work.

“Adults are looking for nutritious, easily portable breakfast foods and beverages that they can have on hand,” added Seifer. “Marketers need to take a closer look at these consumers and make sure their needs are being met with current offerings.”