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MRTP and What it Means to Responsible Retailers’ Tobacco Backbar

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The backbar has become the regulated products’ central playing field. On a per square foot basis, it may be the most important space in the retail outlet. How do you maximize your backbar to merchandize, educate, and communicate your adult smoking shoppers on current tobacco products while differentiating your store offerings?
The emergence of Modified Risk Tobacco Products (MRTPs) present a unique opportunity within tobacco backbars. Establishing an educational home for MRTP products allows responsible retailers to become a destination for adult tobacco consumers to learn more about tobacco product options that have been authorized by the FDA for the benefit of public health.  These options are currently buried within the traditional sets, having little ability to educate adult consumers about the benefits they provide and available options. Having a dedicated space for MRTP’s changes that; is good business and the right thing to do.
Additional MRTP product incentives include, lower SET rates in some states and potential exemption from flavor bans.
In this webinar, 22nd Century discusses the tobacco category’s next evolution and how MRTPs can present a rare growth opportunity in a highly regulated category – ultimately helping responsible retailers transform themselves into solution providers to their customers.


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