NACS Updates Category Definitions

ALEXANDRIA, Va -- The new NACS Category Definitions and Numbering Guide -- Version 7.0 is now available for download in both MS and Excel formats.

In developing the updates, the NACS Research team worked closely with industry leaders and key stakeholders (including the NACS Research Committee) over the past year to make a few important changes to the 6.1 version, which was published in 2008. These changes improve the clarity of the guide and reflect recent updates resulting from product transition and diversification.

Specific updates include:
• Two new fuel subcategories for ethanol (E20, E30, E85) and biodiesel (B5, B20)
• The expansion in Packaged Beverages to include the Enhanced Water subcategory (fortified, aquaceuticals and vitamin enhancements)
• The addition of products (nutraceuticals, energy and relaxation drinks over 4 oz.) to the Alternative subcategory of Packaged Beverages
• A breakdown of the subcategory Other Salty Snacks to include Puffed Cheese (cheese curls, cheese puffs, cheese balls), Mixed (mix of cereal, chips, pretzels, hard bread sticks, crackers, nuts, seeds) and Other Salty Snacks
• The addition of snus to the Smokeless subcategory of Other Tobacco Products
• The addition of "high protein bars" to the Health/Energy subcategory of Alternative Snacks
• An expansion in the Health and Beauty Care category to include a new Smoking Cessation subcategory (nicotine replacements like chewing gum, skin patches, lozenges)

In 1998, NACS released its first guide, the Category Definitions & Numbering Guide 1.0, to provide a framework for data collection and benchmarking the industry's category performance.

The new NACS Category Definitions and Numbering Guide -- Version 7.0 is available for download at; use the "Industry Resources" pull down and select the version you want from the "Research" tab on the left navigation.

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