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NASM Adapts Agreements for Shell Grocer Rewards Program

GARRISONVILLE, Va. -- The National Association of Shell Marketers' (NASM) counsel, Taylor & Powell LLC, adapted Shell's Wholesaler Participation Agreements for its grocer rewards programs for use by NASM members. The agreements will enable NASM members to allocate responsibility for the obligations presented by the rewards program between themselves and their retail customers, according to the association.

NASM said its marketers have likely received information from Shell about its new grocer rewards program, which will allow Kroger and Stop and Shop customers to earn credits that may be used on purchases of gasoline or diesel fuel at participating Shell-branded retail facilities. Marketers also may have been presented by Shell with contracts that govern their participation in the rewards program, including features such as co-advertising and the redemption of fuel discount cards, NASM said.

The agreements are available at no cost to NASM members. For more information, they contact NASM legal counsel, Russ Powell or Bill Taylor, at (703) 836-9405.

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