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Nevada Slot Operator Rerouting to the North

LAS VEGAS -- Golden Route Operations (GRO), Nevada's third-largest operators of slot machines based in convenience stores and taverns, is looking beyond Las Vegas to the rest of the state the its next level of expansion. The company is launching route service in the Reno area on July 1 and beginning operations in Mesquite by early autumn, reported the Las Vegas Business Press.

"Controlled growth is key, it really is in our business," said Brad Pederson, the company's president and co-founder. "To make sure you don't bite off more than you can chew or more than you can properly service."

With convenience stores and car washes comprising about 25 percent of its customers and the rest bar/taverns, GRO gears its business toward the high-end, high-volume locations, rather than blanket the market with a lot of low-volume machines, according to Pederson. "We very rarely turn customers away, but what we try to do is really focus toward the high end of bar/taverns, which is our main market, and high-volume convenience stores," he said.

Pederson claims the Reno area will provide an ideal opportunity for GRO's further expansion. "They're selling multi million-dollar homes and they're buying homes for a million dollars in Reno and putting a million dollars in the bank," he said. "The market is on fire."

Nonetheless, the larger geographical area around Reno will add to the cost of doing business, particularly in light of the fact that machines in the area produce a net win per day, meaning the earnings after jackpots are almost half of the average $100-$150 per day in the valley.
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