New Anheuser-Busch InBev Campaign Promotes Total Beer Category

ST. LOUIS — Anheuser-Busch InBev is appealing to all beer drinkers with its new marketing campaign, "Let's Grab A Beer."

According to Ad Age, the digital effort, which is anchored by a new website, is aimed at growing the total beer category. The site includes a combination of original and aggregated content, ranging from "deep reads about the past, present and future of beer" to colorful charts and graphics. 

One chart, for instance, states that "33 percent of Americans would prefer to get to know someone over a beer," while only 22 percent would "prefer to get to know someone over a cocktail." The source is a survey conducted for the campaign by Wakefield Research.

"Whether it is dark or light, foreign or domestic, macro or micro, we at Anheuser-Busch love all things beer and want to share that excitement with you. BEER is the great social equalizer — let’s enjoy all of what it has to offer. So come on and… Let's Grab A Beer," the beer maker posted on the new website.

A-B InBev holds the lead market share in the United States and stands to gain if the total beer category grows. Growing volume has become a critical task for the beer industry in recent years as the liquor industry has gained business partly through more aggressive marketing by individual brands, Ad Age reported.

However, the industry is running the risk of placing emphasis on beer styles vs. brands. If more people walk into bars and ask for a "wheat beer" rather than a Shock Top or Blue Moon, brands become less valuable, the news outlet added.

Julia Mize, vice president of "Beer Category + Community" at A-B, told Ad Age she is not concerned that this new effort will commoditize beer.

"We want consumers to understand all the different varieties that are available with beer for different occasions," she said. "And we wanted to do it in a non-branded way so that we make sure we are connecting with the consumers and it's not forced. It's not marketing. Our intention here is to just have a resource that is relevant and fun and celebrates beer."

The brewer has been working on global beer category initiatives for five years. The "Let's Grab A Beer" campaign marks the first push by the U.S. division. 

"We are really looking at the long-term health of the beer category and making sure it maintains and grows its relevance with all the new consumers that are coming through," Mize said.

The campaign was launched Tuesday in conjunction with National Beer Day.

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