New Business Delivers Convenience to College Students

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New Business Delivers Convenience to College Students

College Park, Md. -- Midnight Madness, a company started last year at the University of Delaware, has begun taking orders to deliver convenience products to Maryland University students between 8 p.m. and 4:30 a.m.

With a product assortment that includes such campus necessities as Sour Patch Kids, AA batteries, Trojan condoms, Klondike Bars and Hot Pockets, Midnight Munchies claims to be a "convenience store at your door."

According to the online student newspaper for the University of Maryland, Midnight Munchies takes orders by phone, through its website ( or through, delivering convenience store items from 8 p.m. until 4:30 a.m. to students with late-night cravings.

Founded at the University of Delaware by husband and wife Francis and Sheri McNally, Midnight Munchies began making deliveries to the College Park, Md., on April 17, according to the report.

Francis McNally explained that the idea originated about seven or eight years ago because he had wanted a service that offered candy bars and late-night snacks during his college years. An added benefit of the delivery service, according to his wife Sheri, is that it helps keep students who have been drinking alcohol from walking alone or driving to get food late at night.

"I think it is a great tool to keep [impaired students] off the road and to keep the kids safe," she said, according to the student paper.

The Midnight Munchies menu offers most of its items for about $1 to $4 with a $7 minimum and a $1.99 delivery charge. Also on the menu is the service's logo—two half-closed, extremely bloodshot eyes with its name, "Midnight Munchies," hanging over them.