New Look Embraces Change and Tradition

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New Look Embraces Change and Tradition

By Don Longo, Convenience Store News - 08/06/2007
How do you like our new look? Last issue, I alerted you to our new size, outlined the reasons for the change, and told you to watch for more changes in our editorial product. We wouldn't tinker with the industry's No. 1 trade communications brand without careful consideration. As noted, we extensively tested and conducted research on readers' reactions to the new 9-inch-by-10 1/2-inch size. I hope you'll agree with us and the vast majority of respondents that the new size is easier to hold, read, store and use for future reference.

When The Wall Street Journal downsized its iconic broadsheet newspaper in January, Publisher L. Gordon Crovitz cited both change and tradition as "twin themes...reflecting both the Journal and the broad business world we cover." Like the the Journal, we've taken this opportunity to redesign and launch new features to enhance your enjoyment of Convenience Store News. We recognize the need to remodel, refresh and restyle to meet the needs of the dynamic retail marketplace.

We think you'll like our more modern, quick-hitting News Analysis section that enlivens the upfront portion of the magazine. The distinctive departmentalization of the magazine should also help you navigate the issue more effectively and find what you want to read more easily. The pages of this redesign also allow for more effective use of white space and more points of integration with our online offerings -- guiding you to additional content available exclusively on our Web site.

These changes, however, represent an evolution of our central tradition: our promise to keep you ahead of what's next. No matter how it looks, we know that what matters most to you is the content -- the objectivity, authoritative and accurate reporting, thoughtful analysis, context and perspective you've come to expect from CSNews.

All of CSNews' most popular features remain, including our mammoth New Products listings (the largest in the industry), our extensive use of original, proprietary industry research (with the help of our Nielsen sister information companies, we do more research on the industry than any other organization), our Leadership, Vision and Values features on industry leaders, and IAQs (our original and quirky Infrequently Asked Questions human interest column). The redesign also includes all of our recent content enhancements, such as the Checking In section (where we update readers on the progress of companies or industry issues covered in the recent past) and the quarterly Convenience Perspectives research and analysis feature in partnership with retail industry thought-leader TNS Retail Forward, as well as new columns on financial operations, grass-roots marketing and a soon-to-be unveiled motor fuels update.

Another change also reflects our embrace of change and tradition. We've altered the tagline on the cover of our magazine from "Keeping the Industry Ahead of What's Next" to "What's Next in Convenience and Petroleum Retailing." This subtle change reinforces our longstanding tradition of serving the information needs of the entire convenience and petroleum retail industry, while also bringing us into alignment with the recent repositioning of the industry's leading trade association, NACS.

On behalf of everyone at CSNews, I thank you for your feedback and support. Don't hesitate to drop me a note or e-mail about our new look. We value your opinion.

For comments, please contact Don Longo, Editor-in-Chief, at (646) 654-7489 or [email protected]