New Spins on Flagship Products Top June 2015 Ranking

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New Spins on Flagship Products Top June 2015 Ranking


LOS ANGELES — Summer is a time for brands to bet big on vacation treats and snacks, according to market research firm Instantly Inc.'s June Shelf Score report, which ranked the top 10 consumer packaged goods products hitting the shelves based on the highest purchase intent scores.

The latest Shelf Score shows that established brands are putting new twists on handheld snacks, and snacks are now taking on breakfast flavors. Instantly also noted that both big and small changes are seeing positive results. Reese's Mini Sticks is a relatively minor variation on the popular brand, while Jif Peanut Powder is an entirely new form of peanut butter.

The top 10 products and their purchase intent scores for June were:

  • Reese's Mini Sticks — 78 percent
  • Fiber One Cheesecake Bar: Strawberry — 72 percent
  • Oreo S'mores — 68 percent
  • Bagel Bites Breakfast: Bacon, Egg & Cheese — 64 percent
  • Ritz Bits Sandwiches: Bacon & Cheese — 62 percent
  • Kellogg's Eggo Gluten Free Waffles: Cinnamon — 59 percent
  • Rold Gold Pretzel Cracker Sandwiches: Creamy Fudge — 58 percent
  • Hostess Sea Salt Caramel Cupcakes — 56 percent
  • Jif Peanut Powder — 54 percent
  • High Brew Coffee: Dairy Free Black & Bold — 39 percent

To determine each score, 300 consumers evaluate each new product on their mobile devices at home or in-store via the Instantly Concept Test platform, which collects feedback on key success indicators such as purchase intent, differentiation, need/desire and value.