New Tracking Program Continuously Monitors Grocery Shopping Behavior

A new program from VideoMining Corp. enables year-round tracking and analysis of in-store shopper behavior, demographics and repeat visitor data across the grocery channel and at specific chains.

The ShopperFirst program aims to give retailers and consumer packaged goods manufacturers the insights needed to respond to the changing shopper landscape.                                                         

“With the increasing speed of change and ever-shifting shopper preferences, the call for more dynamic insights has grown dramatically,” said Dr. Rajeev Sharma, chief analytics officer and Founder of VideoMining, a provider of shopper behavior analytics. “The ShopperFirst program provides continuous tracking of key in-store metrics necessary to keep the pulse of shoppers and put the shopper at the center of every marketing or merchandising decision.”

Sanjay Mittal, president and CEO of VideoMining, said, “Fusing multiple sensing modalities and data sources creates a deep analytics platform for optimizing any investment that impacts shopping behavior. We are really pleased to field this new real-time capability in the grocery channel and look forward to evolving the program in collaboration with our clients.”

ShopperFirst builds on the company’s annual Grocery Shopper Insights (GSI) MegaStudy, designed to enable trading partners to understand their performance better, uncover opportunities, and evolve better channel-based strategies. The GSI MegaStudy combines unique data on detailed shopper behavior with a variety of detailed analytics.

Manufacturers have used the GSI MegaStudy to design better category layouts, optimize displays, gain a deeper understanding of consumer decision trees and test packaging and merchandising innovations. For grocery retailers, the program provides valuable benchmarking capabilities, enabling them to compare their performance with the industry, while providing specific insights to improve strategies in areas ranging from store design to in-store promotions.

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