New York 'Hero' C-store Owner Won't Face Charges on Sale of Illegal Merchandise

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New York 'Hero' C-store Owner Won't Face Charges on Sale of Illegal Merchandise

SHIRLEY, N.Y. -- The Long Island convenience store clerk who made headlines in late May for showing mercy to a would-be-robber by giving him $40 and a loaf of bread, will not face charges of carrying illegal merchandise in his store, according to a report by WPIX television news.

Mohammad Sohail's store was one of seven shops tagged by town investigators on charges of selling drug paraphernalia. He was never criminally charged, according to the report, but faced a series of hefty penalties.

Sohail told WPIX investigators seized more than 100 pipes and six bongs from his business, Shirley Express, the night of June 4. At the time, Sohail told investigators he never received a summons from Brookhaven town officials for the merchandise in question, and said he wasn't aware the pipes could be used for illegal drug use.

Sohail gained the attention of local and national media when a masked bandit entered his store May 21, and attempted to rob him. Instead of giving into the robber's demands, Sohail reportedly reached for his licensed shot gun and aimed it at the suspect. The would-be robber apparently fell to his knees and begged for forgiveness.

The man told the c-store operator he was broke and unemployed. Sohail pitied him and gave the suspect $40 in cash, bread and milk.

"We are all human beings," Sohail told the news outlet. "We should all be together."

Sohail said he has received an outpouring of support, including donations from dozens of people in the community. The c-store operator smashed some of the leftover bongs he found in storage to promote a drug-free community.

"Please stop bad things," Sohail said.

Not only does Sohail want to stop people from taking part in drugs, he also wants to prevent people from committing crimes, such as robbing a store. Sohail told WPIX he is starting charity with the money he received from people in the community, to help those in need.

"If anybody needs help," Sohail explained, "Mo is here."

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