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NYACS, Merchants Battle Mayor's Proposal

TROY, N.Y. -- The New York Association of Convenience Stores (NYACS) and convenience store merchants in downtown Troy, N.Y., are battling a proposal by Mayor Harry Tutunjian to limit the hours convenience stores can stay open, reported the Troy Record.

In a letter to the mayor, NYACS President James Calvin offered assistance to address the crime problem but underscored that many law-abiding citizens patronize c-stores after midnight. Calvin added that crime also occurs during daylight and suggested that the mayor and city council pursue a solution that balances fighting crime with the need to promote free enterprise.

The mayor wants small convenience stores -- stores smaller than 1,500 square feet or those that operate fewer than six gas pumps -- closed between midnight and 5 a.m. in an effort to cut criminal activity.

The move follows the late-night murder of a man at an Elite gas station in Troy last month.

In his letter, Calvin points out that we live in a 24-hour world and many law-abiding citizens patronize small convenience stores after midnight. Calvin reminded the mayor that crime occurs in Troy in broad daylight as well, and he asked the council to find a solution that balances the need to fight crime with the need to promote free enterprise.
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