Oklahoma C-store and Fuel Retailer Marks CNG Milestone

STILLWATER, Okla. – OnCue, a chain of convenience stores in Oklahoma and Kansas, announced that it sold three million gasoline gallon equivalents (GGE) of compressed natural gas (CNG), the most of any private fueling retailer in Oklahoma.

The company celebrated this milestone at its 23rd Street location in Oklahoma City this week. OnCue has opened 13 compressed natural gas stations across Oklahoma over the past three years.

"I've been a believer in CNG for more than a decade, and reaching this milestone is representative of how fast the market is moving toward making this fuel mainstream," said Jim Griffith, OnCue's CEO. "As an Oklahoma-based company with an entrepreneurial history, we were in a strategic position to not only adopt this fuel, but quickly make CNG available to our customers across the state. CNG is an alternative fuel, but it's an alternative that our customers increasingly prefer."

Griffith estimated that consumers saved more than $6 million in fueling costs, compared to gasoline, by purchasing CNG at OnCue stores over the past three years.

Customers, vendors and elected officials gathered at the Oklahoma City store with OnCue's leadership to celebrate the achievement. Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin conducted a fill of the three millionth gallon into a state fleet vehicle.

"OnCue is just one more example of the Oklahoma innovation and leadership that is changing our country's energy future," said Gov. Fallin. "Today's three-million-gallon milestone is a reminder that demand for natural gas continues to grow and that the industry has a bright future ahead of it. That's great news for American families, who are increasingly able to benefit from affordable, clean-burning natural gas produced right here at home."

OnCue was among the first private Oklahoma fueling retailers to adopt CNG. Currently, OnCue has the most CNG stations of any retailer in the state and expects to expand the company's commitment to CNG in 2013.

OnCue operates a total of 41 convenience stores in Oklahoma and Kansas (one location). The company also operates seven standalone stations that sell CNG while six of its 41 c-stores also sell CNG.  In addition, OnCue plans to open eight to 12 more CNG locations in 2013.

"For OnCue, selling CNG is more than market leadership, it's a successful business strategy," said Griffith. "With CNG, we are able to offer our customers fuel at nearly half the price of gasoline and serve a more diverse customer base. We look forward to expanding our CNG offering to include more of our stores throughout Oklahoma."

In the past two years, the number of public CNG stations in Oklahoma has nearly tripled, making it now possible to drive across the entire state solely on CNG.

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