Pak-A-Sak Is First to Use PDI's New Payroll Software

AMARILLO, Texas — Pak-A-Sak will be the first customer to test PDI's new PDI/Payroll software, the latest addition to the company's labor management solution. It includes labor scheduling and time and attendance tools.

PDI/Payroll eliminates the need for multiple products and enables users to simplify the payroll processing experience by connecting all steps, from time tracking to check distribution. This allows companies to improve accuracy by decreasing errors and reducing manual touchpoints; save time with process automation; break down information silos with better integration; and quickly resolve issues with customizable exception alerts, PDI said.

Since implementing PDI/Payroll, Pak-A-Sak has seen a significant change, according to Chief Information Officer Gary McKee.

"The weekly payroll process is now much more streamlined," McKee said. "We can make changes or correct payroll issues from a single view. We've increased efficiency, and we've been able to reduce payroll processing time by 50 percent. That's a huge savings."

Plans for the next phase in PDI's workforce management product line include a team portal that will allow employees to use mobile devices to view their schedules, receive announcements and alerts, send and receive messages with their co-workers, and review their pay statements.

"This is a huge milestone in the product roadmap for our labor management offering, and the demand among our customers for a PDI-designed payroll solution has been incredibly high," said Jim Wade, vice president of product management for PDI. "We're proud to deliver a product that seamlessly connects payroll processing with the PDI/Enterprise operational and accounting systems, eliminating errors, saving time, and providing critical business intelligence about their business."

Temple-based PDI provides enterprise software and solutions to convenience retailers and wholesale petroleum markets. 

Headquartered in Amarillo, Pak-A-Sak operates 21 convenience stores in the Texas Panhandle region.