The Pantry Fights Credit Card Fees

CARY, N.C. -- Convenience store chain The Pantry Inc., based here, is fighting credit card interchange fees by getting support from its customers, in the form of signed petitions.

The Pantry's campaign leader, Scot Knox, told Mississippi's Vicksburg Post the company wants to collect 1.8 million signatures at its 1,600 stores through 11 southern states during a month-long campaign.

"We set that figure based on realistic goals per store," he said. "That's roughly 35 signatures a day per store."

In Vicksburg, nine Kangaroo stores operated by The Pantry Inc. began the campaign Dec. 18, with signage on each gas pump and petitions inside on store counters, the report stated.

Nearly 400 signatures had been collected at one convenience store in Vicksburg, according to the report.

Another local convenience store owner agreed credit card fees are hindering his business.

"The fees are pretty high," Kenny Patel, manager of an Exxon station on Halls Ferry Road, said in the report. "You have to have credit cards. It's actually hurting us."

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