Par Pacific Adopts PriceAdvantage for Its Growing Network

HOUSTON — Par Pacific Holdings Inc. is teaming with PriceAdvantage to help determine optimal fuel prices and execute faster price changes among its growing network of 80-plus stores in Hawaii.

"Speed and accuracy are critical when pricing fuel," said Jim Yates, president of Par Hawaii. "PriceAdvantage gives us both by removing so many of the manual processes that tend to either delay price changes or cause pricing errors. Quite simply, it gives our fuel pricing team a new level of confidence and it provides our executive team with robust store performance reports." 

According to PriceAdvantage, its software allows for rapid, automatic price changes for those stores that fall within pre-set pricing strategies, then notifies the pricing team of those stores that fall outside the pre-defined strategies. 

Par Pacific selected the PriceAdvantage SaaS solution to leverage the benefits of a cloud service model, including the low upfront cost, ease of implementation, and the maintenance and infrastructure cost benefits, the company added.

"Par Pacific came to us looking for greater insight and control over their fuel pricing process," said Chip Stadjuhar, president and CEO of Skyline Products. "Our software was a perfect match — from meeting the needs of the front-line staff and fuel pricing team to those in the executive suite."

PriceAdvantage is a fuel price management software company and division of Skyline Products.

Houston-based Par Pacific's business is organized into three primary segments — refining, retail and logistics. Par Pacific has refining and logistics assets in Hawaii and Wyoming, and a retail distribution network in Hawaii. Par Hawaii Inc. is the parent company of retail operations under the Par Pacific Holdings umbrella. 

In July, Par Hawaii revealed it would rebrand nearly 40 of its Hawaii gas stations to the Hele brand name, a Hawaiian word that means "to go" in English, as CSNews Online previously reported.

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