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Patron of the Arts

Phillips Petroleum Corp., which operates more than 300 Kicks and 66 convenience stores, donated $100,000 to the Native American Cultural Center and Museum in Oklahoma.

State Sen. Kelly Haney (D-Seminole), who has been working since 1994 to make the center a reality, said that Phillips? donation would be used for matching funds. "This is really seed money to help us attract even more donations," she said.

The Native American Cultural and Educational Authority recently unveiled plans for the facility, which will help preserve Native American cultures through educational programs, and give visitors a chance to learn more about Native American art, music, dance, and language.

The 60,000 square foot center will include:
* A 300-seat performance theater and museum store.
* A 40,000 square-foot amphitheater for dances and other performances.
* A Native American festival marketplace that will include artist studios, an artist's village, exhibit and retail galleries, as well as dance and drama studios.

The complex, including a lodge and conference center, is estimated to cost $150 million and will be primarily funded by private sources.
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