Pay-at-the-Pump Card Skimming Reaches 'Epidemic' Levels

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Pay-at-the-Pump Card Skimming Reaches 'Epidemic' Levels


TAMPA, Fla. -- Pay-at-the-pump card-skimming scams are becoming so bad, they have reached near epidemic levels, ABC Action News reported. The level of fraud is so serious that the Highlands County Sheriff here labeled skimming "the crime of the future."

Tampa police confiscated four skimmers from area RaceTrac stores this year alone. Thieves are stealing credit card information by unlocking the door where the regular skimmer is and attaching a device consumers can't see.

RaceTrac Petroleum has implemented changes to prevent "master keys" from opening all gas pumps and said it's working with financial institutions and law enforcement agencies to curb the problem.

However, Gray Taylor, a security and compliance expert at NACS, said if RaceTrac can be compromised, anyone can. "RaceTrac is one of those operators that takes security pretty seriously," he told Bank Info Security. "They are one of the most forward-thinking in security. They were one of the first to be PCI compliant, and they aren't afraid to spend money on security."

NACS has sprung into action, launching an "anti-skimming solution" last week in addition to its WeCare awareness campaign, which began earlier this year. The goal is for retailers to place a WeCare tamper-evident label on their tanks, which can help retailers identify potential security breaches if skimming devices are inserted at fuel dispensers or other unattended PIN-entry devices. The labels are also intended to address some PCI compliance requirements.

If the WeCare label is lifted to insert a skimming device, a "void" message appears on the label, providing a visual alert to store employees so action can be taken.