PDI Introduces Automated Fuel Reconciliation Software

After an extensive and successful test program with Petr-All and SSP Partners Inc., Professional Datasolutions Inc. (PDI) released its PDI/Fuel Reconciliation software.

PDI/Fuel Reconciliation was developed to support a pilot e-commerce program between major oil companies and their retail marketers. The resulting product delivers the ability to receive and reconcile fuel delivery information from various data sources including terminal automation solutions, fuel suppliers and carriers.

Petr-All Petroleum Corp., operator of more than 75 c-stores, is successfully receiving data from Toptech Data Services utilizing NAXML, the adopted XML (eXtensible Markup Language) standard for
the convenience store industry.

SSP, a convenience store chain with more than 300 stores, is using PDI/Fuel Reconciliation while receiving fuel shipments from its carrier, Coastal Corp. This eliminates previous methods of time-consuming fuel reconciliation with Coastal.

"Since the implementation of PDI/Fuel Reconciliation, we have reduced the hours spent reconciling fuel deliveries from eight hours to four hours per day," said Ella Cunningham, operations accounting manager for SSP. "We are currently using this software in only 50 of our locations, but anticipate no increase in the time required to reconcile all of our stores."

PDI, a provider of convenience store and wholesale petroleum automation systems, currently serves more than 340 companies that operate approximately 22,000 stores.

"Reconciliation of fuel, which is typically very time consuming and prone to human error, has been drastically simplified and automated," said Becky Barnett, vice president of customer services for PDI. "The system now easily identifies exceptions and displays them on the user's screen, allowing them to view both the delivery information and the terminal information together."
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