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Web site has been launched, supporting the Just Born Inc. brand's national expansion. The site is a mix of urban youth, action sports and candy appeal, an interactive source of information and images ranging from Peanut Chews candy facts to information on the Dew Action Sports Tour, the first-ever, season-long multi-sport professional tour in action sports. The website was developed by Zugara of Los Angeles and Tandem Associates of Blue Bell, Pa.

The site has a gritty retro feel set in black, white and gray with punches of color, surf and other boards and a slow-moving Peanut Chews. There are palm trees mixed in with high-rise buildings, and a 1930's-looking billboard, which is an entry into the unique Board Art Alley, a gallery of board sport art setting the tone for the site with its retrospective on how board art has evolved.

"The new revolves around two main purposes, prompting and enabling purchases and finding local events," said John Kerr, brand director of Peanut Chews commented. "While the brand is known on the East Coast, it is new to the rest of the nation and other countries. While Peanut Chews shipped nationally in April with impressive initial figures, this site is going to drive the excitement and the brand to a new level."
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