Pearson Fuels, G&M Oil to Open 13 E85 Sites in 13 Months

CALIMESA, Calif. — Pearson Fuels and G&M Oil Co. are teaming up to open 13 E85 locations in the next 13 months, to be located in southern California in San Bernardino, Orange, Riverside and San Diego counties.

On April 15, the two companies hosted a grand-opening celebration at 499 Sandalwood Drive here, with alternative fuel experts on-site and E85 selling for just 85 cents per gallon throughout the day.

E85 is intended for flex-fuel vehicles. The alternative fuel typically contains between 70- and 85-percent ethanol, with the remainder consisting of traditional petroleum.

“We are very proud to make this announcement. We have been opening these E85 sites one and two at a time for years," said Mike Lewis, general manager of Pearson Fuels.

According to the two companies, there are approximately 1 million vehicles on the road in California that are capable of using ethanol blends as high as 85 percent.

“We have sold E85 flex fuel at four of our locations for several years and are happy with the results," said Julie Jackson, senior vice president of G&M Oil. "The customers seem happy to be saving money and helping the environment. We are confident based on our experience with E85 so far that the public will embrace these new E85 locations, and we are excited to continue our leadership in the industry by showing that these sites can be converted quickly and safely so the public can have a new fuel choice throughout our market area."

In addition to monies provided by Pearson Fuel and G&M Oil, partial funding for the projects was made available through the California Energy Commission's Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program.

San Diego-based Pearson Fuels has grown from one alternative fuel station in 2003 to become California's largest independently owned ethanol distributor.

Huntington Beach, Calif.-based G&M Oil Co. is one of California's largest independently owned retail fuel station companies.

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