Pennsylvania Invests in Alternative Fuel Technology

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Pennsylvania Invests in Alternative Fuel Technology

PITTSBURGH -- More than $3 million has been invested to be used toward Alternative Fuel Incentive grants in an effort to grow the production, distribution and use of biofuels made in the state.

The grants use more than $40 million of private funds for the production of nearly 64 million gallons on clean-burning biodiesel per year, along with the installation of storage tanks that are needed to distribute and sell the fuels.

"Pennsylvania has aggressively pursued a leadership role in advancing the technology and deployment of alternative fuels in order to build a new commercial sector that diversifies our energy supplies and puts people to work," said Rendell. "These strategic investments will move us further down the road to true energy security for the people and businesses of Pennsylvania."

By focusing on biofuels, the grants support the state's "PennSecurity Fuels Initiative," which calls for the production and use of 900 million gallons of clean-burning domestically made fuels per year. Through this plan, Rendell is investing $30 million over the next five years to build re-fueling and production infrastructure to support the use of alternative fuels.

The funds include $75,000 for the Greater Philadelphia Clean Cities' E85 Corridor project, which already received $283,380 in federal funds. This project will install E85 fueling stations at 12 gas stations in the state that reside along a 200-mile highway that runs from central Pennsylvania to the Philadelphia area.

The corridor project is funded through both public and private organizations that want to lessen petroleum use and produce fuels for the 160,000 flex-fuel vehicles in the state.