Pennsylvania Lawmakers Push Fuel Testing

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Pennsylvania drivers may soon be able to rest easy knowing that they're fueling their cars with the grade of gasoline they paid for if Gov. Tom Corbett signs new legislation promoted by a dozen state lawmakers and the state auditor, according to a WGAL News report. Senate Bill 341 calls for gasoline octane testing and is currently on the governor's desk.

If the bill is passed, the state Department of Agriculture, which also tests to ensure a true gallon goes into a tank, will be charged with testing gasoline octane, according to the report.

"We expect that when you pay for a premium gallon, you get a premium gallon," said Shawn Kaup of AAA. "We look at it from the fact that consumers are paying more at the pump, the price of food is going up. The economy, the performance is sluggish at best at times, so every nickel counts."

Pennsylvania is currently one of three states that do not have a law for testing fuel.

"We're just trying to advocate when it comes to the motoring public and for fairness when it comes to gas quality," Kaup added. "Some people are counting pennies and we're looking out for those people."

Gov. Corbett could sign the bill by the end of this week, according to the report.

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