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Pilot Travel Centers to Offer SiriCOMM's Wireless Solutions

JOPLIN, Mo. -- Knoxville, Tenn.-based Pilot Travel Centers, the largest travel center operation in the country, has formed a strategic partnership with SiriCOMM Inc., a nationwide broadband wireless software and network infrastructure solutions company for the commercial transportation industry and government market.

SiriCOMM, which provides fleet management solutions to trucking companies and ISP service to the general public, will install its Wi-Fi Hot Spots at each of the 255 Pilot Travel Center locations nationwide. Truck drivers access SiriCOMM's management tools using handheld computers that communicate wirelessly at each SiriCOMM Wi-Fi Hot Spot.

"SiriCOMM provides a tremendous foundation for our travel centers to improve efficiency and increase customer throughput by offering a broad new collection of value-oriented services. This partnership opens the door for Pilot to offer progressive services at each of our locations," said Pilot CFO and CIO Jeff Cornish. "SiriCOMM is a pioneering company providing services to improve business processes within the industry. We are excited to join them as a business partner and to represent them as a value-added reseller, marketing their services to our customers."

Together, the companies envision the travel centers becoming virtual offices for the 4 million truck drivers, 11 million RVers and countless highway travelers that drive the country's highway system.
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