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Pilot Travel Centers Opens New E85 Locations

DICKSON, Tenn. -- Four Tennessee Pilot locations offered special pricing on E85 fuel as part of the Pilot Travel Centers' introduction of two new east Tennessee alternative fuel sites, according to a report by Trucking News.
"On Friday customers purchased E85 for 85 cents a gallon at four Pilot locations in East Tennessee," said Jimmy Haslam, CEO of Pilot Travel Centers. "We want to let our customers know that we are making clean-burning E85 fuel available in additional locations throughout Tennessee."

E85 contains 85 percent ethanol, or ethyl alcohol, which helps reduce air pollution, is biodegradable and does not pollute groundwater.

"In addition to being environmentally friendly, E85 is a renewable resource made from corn grown right here in the USA," said David Dobbins, Pilot Travel Centers director of supply and distribution. "It is one way we can help reduce our dependence on foreign oil."

E85 is safe for any car bearing the FlexFuel emblem; most vehicles indicate that option with a bright yellow gas cap. Many GM, Chrysler and Ford models are E85-compatible, as are certain models from other manufacturers.

"Many people own cars that can use E85 and are not even aware of it," said Dobbins. "A large percentage of the new cars manufactured are now able to use this clean-burning fuel."

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