Playbook for Success Webinar Provides Tools for Growth

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Playbook for Success Webinar Provides Tools for Growth


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Convenience store retailers received numerous consumer insights and advice on how to grow their business during yesterday's webinar, "Playbook for Success: A 3-Step Guide to Growing C-Store Business."

Hosted by the NACS/Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council, the webinar introduced industry insiders to the "Playbook for Success" report, which is based on intensive research conducted by the council in 2012.

During the webinar, c-store operators with their eyes on growth were advised to focus on three steps: polish the fundamentals, enhance service to core customers and serve unmet needs.

By focusing on the basics, c-stores can reach unmet potential and provide the clean, safe environment that is necessary to bring in new customers. Next, convenience stores can "defend their turf" by improving service and emphasizing their strength in the grab-and-go food and beverage market. These steps will help stores attract new business, according to the council.

The Playbook also advises c-stores to choose one of these four platforms and executive it effectively:

  • Fresh Value, which means delivering reasonably priced, healthier food items;
  • Family Time, which offers something for everyone in a family on a budget;
  • My Time, which focuses on customers who shouldn't be rushed when they browse, but should be checked out fast when they're ready to go; and
  • Female Friendly, which involves making female customers feel safe and comfortable in the store.

The webinar also offered advice and methodology for c-stores that want to determine their "Shopper Satisfaction Score" based on the three steps of business growth.

To view the full "Playbook for Success" report, click here.