Popular Travel Website Offers Gas Station Search

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Popular Travel Website Offers Gas Station Search

BELLEVUE, Wash. – Expedia.com introduced a new feature on its Web site, aimed at travelers looking for the lowest price to fill up their gas tanks. The Gas Station Locator locates the cheapest, closest gas stations to rental car stations and airports.

"As the world's largest online travel agency, Expedia is constantly looking for ways to leverage our travel intelligence to help travelers save time and money," John Morrey, vice president of Air at Expedia.com, told The Auto Channel.

The Gas Station Locator was created for those who want to save time by avoiding the last minute costly fill-ups when returning a rental car. It also allows drivers to avoid the high cost of rental service's fill-ups. The site features up to five gas stations' prices for unleaded regular gasoline, near the top 50 airports, searchable by city, nationwide.

Expedia.com provides travel services for more than 25 million people per month, The Auto Channel reported.