Pre-Pay Plans Coming to Missouri

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Pre-Pay Plans Coming to Missouri

Kansas City, Mo. -- In an effort to reduce the number of drive-offs, a committee on the Kansas City Council has approved a plan that would force gas stations to use pre-pay technology, reported the Kansas City Channel.

Although many stations in the area already require pre-pay, local police said that if approved, all gas stations would eliminate customers who leave without paying for gas, the report said.

According to the Kansas City Channel, Kansas City Police have spent 48 days and more than $25,000 investigating drive-off reports.

Some station owners criticized the plan, saying that the pre-pay plan will decrease the number of customers that walk through the store's doors and increase revenue by purchasing snacks and drinks, the report stated.

Even some customers oppose the plan. Jeff Hale told the Kansas City Channel "I don't see why I have to give somebody my money before I know how much gas it will take." He added, "You don't know what the price of gas is going to be anymore."

According to the report, the Kansas City Council could vote on the plan this week.