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A Prescription for Cold Medicine?

SALEM, Ore. -- Oregon would become the first state to require a prescription for many types of cold medicines under a bill overwhelmingly passed Wednesday by the House as part of an attack on methamphetamine, according to the Associated Press.

Pseudoephedrine, an ingredient in popular over-the counter medicines such as Sudafed and Sinutab, is used to make meth, an illegal and powerfully addictive drug.

The bill was sent to the Senate on a 55-4 vote. Supporters said they expect the measure to pass in the Senate, and it is supported by Gov. Ted Kulongoski.

"A plague has spread across America," said state Rep. Greg Macpherson, a Democrat. "This is what we must do in this state to get this problem under control."

Oregon, like several other states, already restricts the sale of pseudoephedrine-based cold medicine to pharmacies and requires that the medications be kept behind the counter. Customers must also show identification.

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