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PRI Teams with SeeBeyond

PerformanceRetail Inc. (PRI), a provider of Web-architected software applications for the convenience store and petroleum marketing industry, has chosen SeeBeyond, a provider of e-business solutions, to help speed the flow of information between software applications and reduce the costs of monitoring and maintaining those integrated environments.

Convenience store and petroleum chains use PRI in their efforts to increase fuel and merchandise sales growth, streamline retail operations and preserve capital. By integrating advanced Web-based applications, PRI links point-of-sale (POS) transaction data with sophisticated category management tools and powerful back-office systems to provide retailers with real-time access to critical operating information in order to make better-informed, fact-based decisions.

PRI has adopted SeeBeyond's e*Gate Integrator product as the interface and messaging architecture that links the company's suite of applications together. The e*Gate platform is also used as the gateway between PRI's solution and its customers' legacy systems. The scalable, high-performance integration solution will enable PRI customers to organize and acquire up-to-date information from their entire retail network.

"As the convenience retail industry becomes increasingly competitive and demanding, integration and timely access to information becomes a priority," said Glenn Gifford, vice president and chief technical officer for PRI. "With SeeBeyond delivering a comprehensive end-to-end integration solution, PerformanceRetail will be able to help convenience retailers improve retail store performance by combining innovative information management tools with automated, fact-based decision making capabilities utilizing near real-time data."
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