Pump & Pantry Taps Cardtronics for ATM Services

HOUSTON -- Bosselman Inc. chose Cardtronics Inc. to provide ATM services at 24 out of the 42 Bosselman's Pump & Pantry convenience stores.

"Providing cash to our Pump & Pantry customers is a valuable service they have come to rely on, so when we took a look at our ATM program we knew we needed to work with a superior ATM operator," Charlie Bosselman, president of Bosselman, said in a statement. "Cardtronics proved it has the systems, capabilities and experience to operate our ATM program at the highest level."

Bosselman, who purchased the 24 ATMs, will own and maintain the machines, as Cardtronics will provide ATM managed services, including transaction processing through its company-owned processing center, the company stated.

In addition to the 42 Pump & Pantry c-stores located throughout Nebraska that it owns and operates, the Bosselman family of companies also includes three Pump & Pantry motels, one Hampton Inn and two Motel 6 franchises, eight Bosselman Travel Centers, six Grandma Max's restaurants, Sam Bass' Saloon & Steakhouse and 26 Boss Truck Stops.

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