Pumps at Some Texas Gas Stations Running on Empty

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Pumps at Some Texas Gas Stations Running on Empty


AMARILLO, Texas -- Some gas stations in the Texas Panhandle are experiencing their very own gas shortage.

Last week, KFDA reported that the pumps had Claude's Taylor Food Mart has run dry. Now, further calls by the station have revealed that almost every food mart in the Panhandle were out of gas. Some of those stations have been dry for more than a month.

Employees at several of the Taylor Food Mart locations in the area told the news outlet that the stations have not received any gas and they are quickly running out of supplies. All added they have not been told what the problem is.

Rumors are swirling, with some pointing to a company buyout while others claimed that Taylor Food Mart is going bankrupt. However, the bankruptcy office in Amarillo told the news station that the company has not filed as of yet.

Taylor Food Mart did tell the news outlet that the company is up for sale but confidentially agreements with the buyer prevent further comment.

According to the company website, Taylor Petroleum Cos. Inc. has 74 stores across four states. The first store opened in 1972.