PumpTop TV Adds Steve Greenberg to Programming

IRVINE, Calif. -- The "Today" show's Steve Greenberg produced a series of exclusive, 30-second editorials for PumpTop TV, introducing handy gadgets such as an Auto Tray Table that hooks onto the steering wheel and serves as a workspace or a surface to lay out your meals and snacks, the company reported.

"Our automobiles are our second home," Greenberg said in a released statement. "Many of us eat and work in our car. All of the gadgets that we show on PumpTop TV were invented just for the automobile, yet most people don't even know these products exist."

Greenberg is also the author of "Gadget Nation," a coffee table book about America's most interesting gadgets and the inventors behind them. Additionally, PumpTop TV will be giving motorists the opportunity to win Auto-Tray Tables and other cool gadgets by sending an e-mail to the address provided exclusively at the pump.

Some of the other gadgets Greenberg demonstrates are:

-- Commute Mate: A cup for storing your business cards, cell phone and toll coins in one easy-to-access location.
-- Zoom Safer: Software for a smartphone that disables text and e-mail when driving.
-- Drop Stop: Fills in the gap between the seat and center console to prevent lost items.
-- Mo Bowl: A mobile pet water bowl.

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