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Pure Enviro Management Selects CBC as Exclusive Sales Partner

WESTMONT, Ill. -- Consolidated Fleet Solutions, a division of CBC, entered into an exclusive marketing agreement with Pure Enviro Management LLC, which offers a patented organic bio-remediation solution that is faster, more cost efficient and more environmentally friendly than traditional remediation methods for cleaning up polluted business sites deemed unfit for commercial use by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the company reported.

Paramount for commercial and retail property owners is the lower cost, and the installation cost for Pure Enviro Management's innovative remediation system is competitive, typically ranging from 30 percent to 40 percent lower than the traditional methods, depending upon permitting conditions for a single gas station, the companies reported.

"Pure Enviro's focus on providing a competitive advantage to the businesses we serve is a natural fit for our organization," Jon Lanphier, chief executive officer of CBC said in a released statement. "Their groundbreaking, patented and environmentally sound solution for the remediation of valuable commercial property is in perfect alignment with CBC's mission and service to our members."

Gabe Reid, Managing Partner for Pure Enviro noted: "As a company, our goal is to return soils back to their native habitat through proven and natural methods, while allowing business owners to continue building the business. Our main goal as an organization is to safely and effectively clean the earth of harmful contaminants, such as petroleum and chlorinated solvents. As we clean distressed sites, we diligently work to maintain the dignity and functionality of the property."
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