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QuickChek Goes After Millennials With Walking Taco Line

WHITEHOUSE STATION, N.J. — To fill the needs of multitasking millennials who want to eat on the go, enjoy a non-traditional food at any time of day and get great-tasting food for a good price, QuickChek Corp. is launching a new line of Walking Tacos as the newest addition to its foodservice program.

Customers can design their own taco by choosing a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos, Cool Ranch Doritos or Fritos and adding their choice of toppings: QuickChek's signature spicy chili, shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions and olives. Afterward, they can grab a fork and eat on the go. Walking Tacos start at $3.49 each.

"Younger consumers love customization, they want to be able to order food exactly how they want it any time of the day," stated Jennifer Vespole, QuickChek's director of foodservice. "Whether it's lunch-in-a-bag or an anytime snack on the go, our new Walking Tacos provide the portability of eating while walking, while delivering the personal touch the consumer craves. You can build your Walking Taco exactly to your tastes and be on your way."

QuickChek also expanded its menu with the addition of six signature Mac 'n Cheese Bowls. Starting at $3.99 each, they are designed to fulfill fall comfort food cravings.

Whitehouse Station-based QuickChek operates 140 stores throughout New Jersey and New York.

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